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Saturday, May 22, 2010

MAY-b it's time

May 22, 2010

MAY-b it's time

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..MAY..-b I’ll blog…
I found my usb chord for my camera, so that made me happy.  Now I have some may pictures in 2010.
wolfie finished school.  Mostly.  I’ll call it a wrap.  She still has two science lessons/day and we need to go check a book out at the library… but it’s less than 30 min./day of school, so that’s pretty much like none at all!
I know that every update-blog I write I say this, so I’ll just say it again:  jones is really working on annunciating his words.  He says his “r”s.  he says his “j”s.  and really, I can’t think of any of those sounds that he struggles with anymore.  There probably are some though.  And he still messes up some words royally.  Such as suburban.  It’s basurvan to him.  I can’t think of any others right now though.
boo has finally (really now) mastered her pee muscle.  So that is half-good news.
binkins is growing up.  We found out some kindergarden news. 
starboy is mostly there.  Where?  Well, wherever he’s going.  He is mobile.  In bed he no longer just lays there.  He rolls.  And rolls.  And kicks.  So, he’s not being swaddled as much.  And I’ve had to take out all his blankets and pillows.  And out of bed, he sits, lays, rolls, scoots, and is as close to crawling without crawling as you can get.  In that I mean, he can do it… he just usually can’t.  ???  yeah, weird, but true.  starboy’s eating rice, oatmeal, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and was introduces to green beans today.  He’s loved everything… but I should’ve videotaped his reaction to the green beans.  Um, yeah.  He doesn’t like them (yet).  He’s so cute.  I just love that boy. 
I love the others too.  They’re all great.  We’re spending less time on the computer (kinda because of computer problems, but kinda because I don’t want to waste my time) and more time together.  Since wolfie and binkins are heading off in the fall, I’m just feeling this huge urge to make lots of family time.    
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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