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Sunday, May 30, 2010

ending may

May 30, 2010

ending may

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starboy's crawling.
jones is pumping.
boo's hitting pitched balls.
wolfie and binkins are off to the oregon coast.
hand-me-downs are EVERYWHERE!
wolfie's in adult-sized clothes.
binkins is in size 5 summer wear.
jones is in size 5, and FINALLY we have some (and 6, 7, and a handfull of 8!)
boo's back in 2T, because we finally have some of them too.  we never did find our girls 2T clothes.  instead we were blessed with a new batch of them!  it's nice to see her wearing clothes that fit again.  she's cute.  not that she wasn't cute in size 4T... no, she was cute then too.
and starboy?  well, i didn't change his size.  i was too overwhelmed with bigger clothes.  i think he's fitting his 6mo+ clothes... but i do think he could move up to the 12mo. without a hitch.
i need to loose a size or two.  i lost quite a bit of weight with my wisdom tooth.  i thought it was a heavy tooth, but it must've had something to do with my eating patterns (or lack of eating) because i didn't get the tooth back, yet i've gained the weight back and my belly looks fat again.  :(  bummer. 
we've got the house about half scraped and we're getting ready to paint it. 
starboy eats all his orange veggies and now grean beans.  he'll start peas this next week.
boo eats what she wants.  she's a picky eater.  she likes fruit and snacks the very best.
jones eats everything that binkins doesn't.
binkins eats everything that jones doesn't.
(they're kinda like jack sprat and his wife, when it comes to licking their platter clean.)
wolfie eats everything and never gripes about any of it!
i made tunafish sandwiches today with celery, green peppers, dill pickles, and apples diced in it.  mmmmmm.mmmmmmmm.  they were GOOD!
wolfie had a track and field meet this month.  she threw the softball, and ran 100 and 200 meters.  she placed third in the softball throw and is able to go to state to compete on july 10.  she threw her ball 92 feet and 6 1/2 inches.  i was impressed since she hasn't played ball since 2nd grade and even then, they didn't teach her how to throw!  (i did.  :)  )  she didn't place in either running event.
wolfie also was the local christian radio station's weather kid.  she was taped and aired on the radio!  that was exciting and she did awesome.  thew a little personality in for the fun of it.  :)  because she's like that!
ok, so i think that'll wrap may up for ya...  tomorrow's starboy's 7 mo. birthday.  he's more than 1/2 year old!  wow.
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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