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Saturday, May 1, 2010

april's up in 2010

May 1, 2010
*pictures added 2/9/12

april's up

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we had quite a month.  but really nothin' big.  in fact, i can't really think of anything.  i lost my usb cord, so i wasn't able to take any pictures on my camera to record the month of april in 2010 even happening.  i think it did though. 
we painted the girls' room finally. 
i should take some pictures of that now that i found the cord.  it turned out nice.  but it's always messy. 
we moved starboy out of our room.  we got a racecar bed for jones from one of our friends, so otter pop constructed the two cribs into a bunkbed/bunkstorage.  starboy is now sleeping in the bed part of that.  i think he's going to be a heavy sleeper like jones.  that's nice. 
starboy is now eating rice, oatmeal, and carrots.  he likes carrots the best. 
oh, i know something that happened in april.  my sister-in-law, "nicole", (some of you might know her) had a birthday.  and boy we celebrated!!!  we were planning on having her and her family (my brother -her husband, and my niece -their child) over for a birthday dinner the day after her big day.  ---she's 25 now, btw---  well, my kids got all crouped up that night and were having huge coughing fits.  i ended up taking boo to the dr. on friday morning.  "trent" and "nicole" didn't want to expose little "ila", so they didn't come over.  however, i had already made her a cake... (yeah, sucks we didn't have the camera) so we ate it too.  and then we thought they'd make it over the next week, so i made another... but they didn't make it.  or maybe the cake just looked too good.  i can't remember the truth of that cake.  but we ate it too.  and THEN, right before they planned on leaving to go back to twin falls, i told her that i REALLY wanted her to taste this cake, and i was willing to just make it and they could take it.  so i bought all the items for it (plus double, because otter pop really didn't want me to give away a whole cake without him getting ANY), and then got a call from her saying that she wasn't "needing" cake right now.  (she's trying to loose baby weight)
so...  i made two more cakes.  and we ate them as well.
i think that every time i make a cake from now on, jones is going to pipe in about it being for aunt nicole's birthday.  :)  he LOVES aunt nicole's birthday cake!!!!!
here's the recipe:

make a devil's food cake (from the box) in two 8" or 9" pans.
mix 8oz cream cheese with 1/2 c. sugar.  fold in 2 cups whipped cream and 24 broken up oreos.
slab that good stuff inbetween the two round cakes.
melt 4 oz. semi-sweet chocolate with 1/2 stick of butter.  pour that over the top.
 cream cheese and cool whip

add candy (mini reece's pb cups pictured here)

here's where you add the dime, if it's a birthday cake.

slab the "white stuff" on top of one of the cakes.  smear it around good.

place the other cake on top.  i haven't decided whether you should place it up-side-down, or right-side-up...

don't press the top down so hard that it cracks up like i did.

melt the chocolate with butter... 

pour it slowly in top and spread it around.


this is why the recipe calls for oreo's... see, it's a giant oreo!!!

now, i've made some variations of the recipe.  (you can do that easily when you make, what, six? cakes in a month). 
1.  nicole's favorite candy is reeces peanut butter cups, so that's how we made it.  freeze the cups so that they break instead of mush though.   
2.  twix's are good too.  especially with some carmel drizzled over the chocolate topping.
3.  you can decrease the sugar with the cream cheese.  in fact, the last time i made it, i just omitted it altogether.  it was fine!
4.  also, the last time, in the cake i put bananas when it called for oil.  that was an awesome taste substitute, especially with the peanut butter!
5.  and lastly, the last time, i slabbed half of the goop in the middle, but slabbed the other half on top.  it made it easier to eat, but the chocolate couldn't absorb, so instead of just covering the top of the cake with tiny drips down the side, a lot of it drizzled down the side and left puddles of hard chocolate on the serving plate. 

okie doke.  so that was a sweet april.  i'm glad i remembered some of it for you.  ;)

Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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