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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our written birth wishes

Our Birthing Wishes

by: MamaT & OtterPop 

mom's dr:  Dr. OB/Gyn 

baby's dr:  Dr. S.S. DO

A Full Cup, birth photographer

First, let us thank you for helping us.  We are excited to welcome our little guy into this 
world and are happy to have you along to witness and aid us.  We have prepared ourselves for 
a birth that is as safe and healthy as possible and prefer to give birth as naturally and
intervention-free as possible.  We plan to be actively involved in ALL decisionss related to my 
labor and birth and request clear and open communication between myself, my husband, and all the medical support staff.  While we know that I may need to respond to unexpected situations, 
this birth plan reflects our current intentions.

We have done our part in preparing for a calm, happy, natural birth.  We have learned deep 
relaxation techniques and would like you to come along side us by respecting our calm, quiet 
setting.  Since we are panning for a natural childbirth, we would love to be assisted with a 
nurse who supports this type of birth.

Here are some comfort techniques that we hope will help:
I would like my labor to begin on its own unless there is a medical reason why induction would be safer.  
I plan to wear my own clothing during labor and delivery.
I plan to walk, move around, and change positions throughout my labor.

Here are a few requests for during labor:
Please help keep the room atmosphere calm and quiet during labor and delivery.  We do not want
 any visitors or well-wishers during this time.  *Mom, Dad, A Full Cup.
I do not want an IV, hep-lock.  It stresses me out.
I do not want the use of pitocin, before, during, or after labor and delivery.
Since I am going to be focused on relaxation, I would love it if you could take time-notes for my later record in my birth story.  You can record anything you deem important.  I would really appreciate that!  (ex./ time of intervals and stages in delivery)
Please do not ask me about pain.
I would like very limited vaginal exams and fetal monitoring since moving around freely is important to me.  
Please leave my membranes and my bag of water alone.
I am not sure what position I will want to be in, but if we could have the birth ball, bed attachment bar, birthing chair, and a mirror available for me, that would be awesome.
I would like to help prevent perineal tearing by having oil, hot compress, support, and slow 
My husband would like to catch the little man in his entry.

After birth, here are my requests:
I want to keep my baby with me after birth.
We would like to delay the chord cutting until the chord stops pulsating.  I would love to be allowed the privilage of cutting it.  
Please allow us to have as much skin-to-skin contact as possible and unlimited opportunities for breastfeeding.  
Please allow all necessary prodecures and checks to be done while the baby is skin-to-skin with me or OtterPop.  

Other important information:  
I have a heart condition (PSVT) that occurs randomly and when my adreneline starts going.  I don't expect this to happen, but be aware.  
I am allergic to penicilin and sulfa antibiotics.

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