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Sunday, June 2, 2013

meatless monday

humbly i'm on the lookout for some tasty plant-based meals...  this is a hard quest for an 8-member-family of carnivorous tastebuds...  (actually, thankfully 1 member doesn't have carnivorous tastebuds yet and is an absolute delight to cook veggies for!)  this being said, my kids love veggies too, so that's not really the hardest part... it's just making a whole meal taste pleasant without adding animal to it.

there are lots of families that take one day a week to prepare a meatless meal.  we're taking the opposite approach to wean ourselves away from animal products.  we're having 1-2 meat nights...  here's my attempt this week:
  • a new taco salad with a meat-substitute this time:  layered raw taco salad for two
  • veggie fajitas sounds good and easy
  • burritos
  • mac and cheeseless was suggested for me...  ???  i don't even know what nutritional yeast or yellow miso paste is, so hopefully those links will help with that...  wish me luck on that 'ne. i'll serve it with some good old steamed broccoli and baked beans just in case.  :)
  • taco soup without meat (brilliant and super easy since the meat in taco soup is kinda weirdly weird.)
  • spaghetti (didn't make one of my meat dishes from last week!  go me!  except the reason being we had SO MANY leftovers because people didn't like the meals so much...  not so much cheerable "go me")
  • enchiladas with rice and beans

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31

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Jonathan and Telcia said...

my suggestion: find a starch your family enjoys (rice, potato, corn, beans, etc...) and just see how many different ways you can cook that. use happy herbivore's sauces and stuff. it's all about textures and condiments! you can do it, awesome Mama! your family will be healthy!!