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Thursday, October 28, 2010


i've been a church-goer for as long as i've been alive... i'm pretty sure... so i was shocked all but spitless wheni found a new book i'd never heard of!  it's called titus.  it's only three chapters long and it's in the new testament of ... get this, the BIBLE! 
well, ok, it's not a "new book" and it wasn't really like i happened upon it.  i've known about it.  i heard about it in the song (you know, the books of the bible song) and stuff.  i knew it was before philemon (which, by the way, i'm pretty sure i've never read before either) and hebrews, and after all those other t-books ---again, because of the song--- but really?!  it's a durn good little book!  it did take me three days to read it, but that's only because i was reading a chapter per day.  what a nice little diddy on how we should be.  i just got out my handbook and it's titleing titus as the book ministering to liars and lazy gluttons. 

well howdy duty.  i guess now i feel like i shouldn't have written this blog.  much less added that tidbit.  ok, i guess i must've needed an eye-opener.  apparently i'm a liar and/or lazy glutton.
ok, wait.  i know i'm not a liar.  so i guess maybe i'm JUST a lazy glutton.

that doesn't really make me feel too much better.  so let me just read some more in this handbook. 

ha!  it's not the case.  i'm not a liar, or a lazy glutton!!!  it was more like i thought.  paul is advising titus what to look for in his church leaders.  my favorite part of the book kept me busy yesterday trying to be godly.  i don't know what verse it was, but paraphrased it said, "women need to love their husbands and children, be virtuous and pure, and to keep BUSY IN their home, and to be good wives."  (emphasis is mine, because the paraphrase was mine) 
anyway, i liked that.  so i thought i'd share.  as for you men, "live a life of dignity, and wisdom, into healthy faith, love, and endurance... all with a cool temper."  i also really liked chapter three when paul talked about respecting the government.  to me it seems like the people in society that are the hardest and most negative about the president and the way the government is, are christians.  that's always bothered me.  this lesson of respecting the government doesn't seem to be something that is pushed or taught in church anymore. 
furthermore he goes on and on about being peacefull.  he's not talking about peace vs. war, although peace is peace.  his emphasis seems to be regarding insults and fights.  we are to be bighearted and courteous.  we are to stay away from mindless, pointless arguing.  hm... interesting.  the more i read the Bible the more i like it.  ;)
oh and btw.  titus was titled "ministering to liars and lazy gluttons" because titus was in crete and crete was full of cretans.
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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