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Saturday, October 30, 2010

my menu for dinners this next week

i am always on and off on my organization of meals and cooking.  however, we've been tight on money and last month i think by making menues i saved about $300, if not more!  so, i've been trying to be dilligent in my planning. 
these will be in no particular order:
  • crockpot chili (from fix it and forget it cookbook, pg. 40 + betty crocker's spices and seasonings from her chili con carna) and cornbread (my mother's recipe in her church cookbook).
  • pasta primavera (from a website recipe blog) with applesauce acorn squash (i've found this dish in lots of places, but the easiest one is this one and it's so tasty i don't know why everyone else is adding stuff like brown sugar and butter!) 
  • pesto tortellini soup (from that website recipe blog) and fresh bread (from my breadmaker -of course)
  • grilled hamburgers and hotdogs with baked beans and corn
  • chicken enchiladas (my own recipe -i'll post it when i make it and then i'll do pictures and everything.) with refried beans and rice
  • easy peasy bean tacos (from that blog.  i sure hope those are good recipes.  i just happened upon her blog when i was in search for menu items on monday.  i'll be sure to let you know.) 
  • my gramma's recipe for fried chicken (she gives credit to my great-aunt nita.  i'll post this one when i make it with pictures too.  it's fabuloso!) with mashed potatoes and peas
  • adobe chicken stew (i tried this recipe last week or so and it was so scrumptious i could've eaten it all.  plus it was easy -especially since i had made a chicken recipe the day before so the chicken was pre-cooked for me!)
 i made this menu on monday but wasn't able to get all my groceries until yesterday.  last night we had the chili and it was the best chili i've ever had in my life -even though i've made this recipe before.  the only change that i can think of that i did was put stewed tomatoes instead of diced tomatoes.  apparently it made a big difference.  ??? 
we've already had hamburgers and hotdogs too, but that's not a hard one to have more than once a week.  we still have plenty of buns.

i'm thinkin' we'll do the pesto tortellini soup tonight.  the weather has been so deluctable for all these homemade soups/chili!!!  with this deluctable weather, i've also discovered my kiddos LOVE and i mean LUH-UV soup!  :)
have a good weekend...
Try to remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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