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Saturday, March 29, 2014

what happened to the last year? doTERRA.

hello!  what's going on???

we are finishing off a nice week of spring break.  the kids are all home from school and we've had perfect spring weather.  the week started out with sunny skies and picnic-y weather, followed by nice sunny days with a brisk feel to them... the kind of days where you head out with a light coat and after playing for a short while the coat comes off.  yesterday and today were spring showers pouring down all day long.  i can see the plants all soaking it up and loving every minute of it.  it's not too cold... just perfect for the rainy spring day.  i love spring!

at the beginning of last year i was introduced to the idea of using essential oils for healing and health purposes.  i thought it might be a hoax, or maybe not a hoax but maybe a scam... so i dove into research on the validity of essential oils.  i also dove into research on what's the going rate of essential oils, which is the best company, etc.  i was introduced to essential oils by a couple that used doTERRA's essential oils.  i did a ton of research on that specific company. 
by march, we had sampled several different oils and seen results.  so, we decided to dive into not only the oils and using them, but the company -doTERRA- too.  i haven't regretted it since.  it took me about half a year to start making enough money to pay for oils every month.  now after a year, it's growing and growing.  the business is fun, full of integrity, and it's real... so it's not like i have to be a high pitched salesman.  i don't sell the oils.  i just teach people about the oils.  it is awesome.

so, if you don't know about doTERRA or essential oils, now you know someone who does.  ask me.  please let me tell you all about what they've done for our family and our life!!!

"Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart..." Prov. 27:9

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